Launching The New Website & Business Model

Each package will be detailed out with examples, reviews from existing customers, information on the reasoning behind what's included, FAQs, and you'll even be able to add on other services like logo design, business card design, etc. to help your business grow.

Restructuring Our Services With A Strategic Approach

Throughout this time I've come to realize that what most of these businesses need is a website with a strategy built behind it, versus just a website that only looks good.

Why We Started Building Demo Mockups

One of the biggest strategies we've used to help a new business understand we have the skills to provide a great web development service is creating a demo mockup.

Traveling The Country To Improve Our Business

In 2014 I made a choice to start traveling the country with my now wife, Joelle, in an RV. Since then we've been to about 38+ states and have used this opportunity to help build a team of skilled developers and marketers.

A Website Should Exist To Make The Company More Money

Justin Lewis & Alex Allen talk about the difference between a portfolio website and a website that works for businesses. Ultimately the website should exist to make the company more money. Every website developed by Business Optimizer keeps this at the forefront of development.

The New & Improved Business Optimizer

Our new focus is on improving the experience for our current and potential customers by providing more detailed information throughout the website.

How to Write a Good Review for a Plumber

If you've had a good experience with a plumber, one of the best things you can do is share your experience through a review. Learning how to write a good review for a plumber is easy and straight forward.

How to Write a Good Review for a Contractor

If you’ve worked with a contractor that has provided you great service, you can help them by writing a review on different platforms.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews with Response Examples

In this post I'll go over a few different positive review response examples, this way you have an idea of how to respond to your customers publicly.

SEO: The Secret Sauce of a Website That Works For Your Business

Google is obsessed with you. It seems like they know exactly what you are looking for every time you log on to the internet. And there’s a way they’re doing it: SEO.

How to Write a Good Review for a Small Business

When you have a good experience with a small business, I'd highly suggest to post your review publicly online for that business. The review you post publicly will help the business in various ways.

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