The Business Optimizer Team

Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis started his journey into the online marketing realm back on January 4th, 2010, which later adapted into what Business Optimizer is today. Since then he’s developed marketing plans for Fortune 5000’s, consulted small to medium sized businesses, and...
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Rajiv Lodhia
Rajiv started working with Justin as an intern in 2016 and then rejoined Business Optimizer in 2021 after several years of software engineering experience in London, UK. Since rejoining, he’s been helping the company improve technical processes and build new...
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Scott Kelley
Scott started working with us at the beginning of September 2021. Originally brought onto the team to intern as a developer, he is also learning about other opportunities within the company.
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Deanna Ellis
Deanna has been working directly alongside Justin Lewis since October of 2016. She originally started as an intern, the advanced onto business manager, where she eventually settled into her position as a project manager of Business Optimizer. She has been...
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Caitlyn Lindner
Caitlyn partners with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and medium businesses to help with their business needs. Her mission is to help as many business owners by showing them products that will continuously increase revenue, optimize sourcing, and improve the online portion...
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Joelle Phillips
Joelle Phillips has been assisting with sales, video production, and content creation since 2015. She has practical experience with website development, blogging, search engine optimization, and video production through her own practices throughout the years.
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Lelix Hernandez
Lelix started working with the Business Optimizer team in early 2022. She originally started out making cold calls, but has since transitioned into working alongside Justin as an assistant.
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