Business Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted on a server that is maintained and continuously updated to ensure it is kept online.

Powerful Hosting
Made For Your Business

We provide a full suite of hosting perks in addition to the standard functionality of serving your website to the world. It’s our belief that business owners should be able to focus on their craft without having to worry about the various issues that can majorly affect a website. That’s why we take the pain out of keeping your website up and running by taking proactive steps to ensure nothing impacts the visibility of your site and if something does happen we’ll handle it.

Website Settings
Fresh Level Productions Backups

Daily backups
to ensure you’re online

We back up your website on a daily basis to ensure that it is kept online. If your website crashes we are able to bring back up the most recent version from the day before, this way all of our updates throughout time are always saved.

Fresh Level Productions Stats

Visitor tracking
to know who visits your site

You MUST know where your visitors are coming from to know if what you’re doing online is actually working to your benefit. We track everything from the average browser size, device used, location and even how they arrived on your website.

Security Check

Malware scans
to secure your website

Our servers are setup with daily malware scans and removal processes to make sure that your website is secure for your visitors. This is important because a website with a virus or malware can get completely delisted from search engines and put your visitors at risk.

Uptime Monitor

Site performance tracking
to keep your website up to speed

When your website is slow, your potential leads drop due to distractions all around them. We continue to monitor your websites performance and improve it’s speed to make sure you’re reaching your visitors when they need you.