The Development and Optimization Process

Your website is the most valuable online asset you have and needs a consistent process to maintain it.

Phase 1

You fill out a short questionnaire.

This is our discovery phase of the process. We want to make sure we understand everything we can about your business so that we know how to help. You will get a list of questions that will help us do just that and get a web strategy in place.

Phase 2

You sit back and let us build your website.

After we get to know everything about you and your business, we will start building your site. Our sites are designed to be optimized and responsive. This means they will work great no matter what screen size they are on.

Phase 3

Your website is launched.

Once your site is built and checked over for quality assurance, your site will be launched! Our team will look it over to make sure everything is optimized correctly. From here, we will start the web strategy we have in place for your business.

Phase 4

Your website receives continuous optimization to rank in Google.

This is one of the most important pieces in getting you a strong web presence. Our team will work hard to make sure everything is how it should be. From site optimization, content and directories, we have you covered.

Phase 5

Your web presence is handled by our team.

We have got you covered from here. Our team will be taking care of your web needs and giving you the results from month to month. We are excited to help your business grow and show you the results.