Introducing Our Simple Review Handout

by Justin Lewis

Hey! I’m excited to share that our software “Review Handout” is launching soon and we’ll be getting you access into the backend where you can get a review handout for the business (I’ll also create you one and send it over).

Here’s an example of one of the handouts printed out, which our client (Solano Mortgage) can then hand out in person to each good customer, partner, or good relationship they build.

New Features Coming

Note that the “Write a Review” button will actually be a link and the QR code will link directly to the Google Maps listing for the business.

The reason I’ve created this is to make it a very simple guide for customers to leave a review for you and we have a lot of features that are going to be added to it to improve your reputation over time alongside the other tools/software we use.

I’ll be posting another blog post and social media updates as soon as it’s launched!

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