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Updated on: 3/12/2021
Barbara Condon
7 reviews
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Doug Fraker
HIS Security, LLC
40 reviews
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Henry Sanchez
Mortgage Investors Group
100 reviews
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Jack Hewett
Foothills Fence
54 reviews
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Mr. Jordan Lester
Aire Serv of Knoxville
158 reviews
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Mr. Justin Willis
Edward Jones Investments
0 reviews
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Mr. Kent Garner
Keller Williams
2 reviews
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Ms. Natalie Donahue
1 reviews
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Mr. Rob Bray
Mint Magazine
0 reviews
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Mr. Shane Jackson
Pinnacle Bank
23 reviews
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Steve Temple
Indoor Oceans
0 reviews
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Ms. Terri Drummey
Madison Insurance Group
33 reviews
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Terry Caldwell
Rusty Wallace Nissan
1600 reviews
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No fake reviews

DO NOT write a fake review for one of your fellow BNI members, this could negatively impact their business. Only review people you've directly worked with and know they provide a good service or product.

Review page not found?

If you see "Pending verification" below yours or someone elses business, that means I couldn't find your/their Google My Business listing. You can contact me at with the listing URL or ask me to have the page created at no cost to you.

Report issues

If you notice any links above not working or linking to the wrong place, please email as soon as possible to get it corrected. If you're a member of BNI and can prove it, we will also add or make adjustments to this list.

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