Our Team

We have a team of developers and marketing strategists.

Justin Lewis

Founder & CEO

Justin Lewis started his journey into the online marketing realm back on January 4th, 2010, which later adapted into what Business Optimizer is today. Since then he’s developed marketing plans for Fortune 5000’s, consulted small to medium sized businesses, and traveled the United States.

His mission is to bring together a collective of highly intelligent, skilled and motivated developers and marketers to help businesses thrive in the new landscapes we’re being presented online.

Josh Farley


Josh Farley was originally a student of Justin Lewis’ (CEO) back in 2013. As of November 2nd, 2020, Josh is an assistant at Business Optimizer learning all of the skillsets that Justin has acquired throughout the years.

He's progressing quickly shadowing Justin develop websites for businesses, ecommerce stores, rank websites in the search engines, program/code, and is on track to become a vital part to Business Optimizers success.

Joelle Phillips

Sales Representative

Joelle Phillips has been assisting with sales, video production, and content creation since 2015. She has practical experience with website development, blogging, search engine optimization, and video production through her own practices throughout the years.

Kristen Cyran

Sales Representative

Kristen started working alongside Business Optimizer in 2020. Her main focus is communicating with potential customers of the company and informing business owners of the opportunities Business Optimizer can provide them.