Local Business Resources

Here’s a list of the best resources to help your local business to succeed.

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Linkedin: Professional Business Networking

Linkedin can be used for professional business networking as well as connecting with other business owners, employers and potential clients.

Instagram: Share Portfolio Pictures

You can use Instagram to share pictures of projects you’re working on related to your business, in other words a portfolio.

WordPress: Website Creation Tool

Used by Fortune 500’s and local small businesses, WordPress is the gold standard for simple but quality web development.

Slack: Team Communication

Slack is a substitute for instant messaging and email programs, allowing file share, voice calls, and categorized chat channels.

Namecheap: Domain Registrar

Discover what domains (www.example.com) are available online and purchase the ones that benefit your business with Namecheap.

SiteGround: Web Hosting

Host your site on one of the most secure and trusted web hosts on the internet with SiteGround.

AdRoll: Ad Retargeting Platform

Create advertisements that follow your website visitors around the internet using AdRoll.

LastPass: Password Manager

Create and store encrypted passwords to make your life easier and safer online with LastPass. Syncs with all your devices.