Why Do We Offer Free Services?

by Justin Lewis

A question that I receive quite often is “Why do you offer free services? Is there a catch?”

Let’s just back a little bit. When I first started building websites for myself back in late 2009 I developed over 40 websites for myself in hopes to make an income and learn. Eventually people started asking me to help them with their websites, so I’d send them answers to their questions. As time went on, I noticed that people would ask but they wouldn’t execute on what they learned. I then took that and when people would ask me to help them I’d request to build out their entire website for free.

Back then, people thought it was a scam but once they gave me access they realized my goal wasn’t to take advantage of them but rather to help them while advancing my skills more rapidly.

Those same people came back to me later asking to pay me for the work, but it wasn’t what I was in search for. I wanted to develop THOUSANDS of websites and improve my optimization skills beyond anyone I knew. Nevertheless, I did eventually turn that into the business called Niche Optimizer.

It started for free, built into a business, and now I’m going back to the beginning.

Throughout the years I focused heavily on building capital so that I could get into programming, but once I raised the capital I’d start to get bored because I didn’t necessarily need more money to advance myself. Instead, I needed more projects in areas I don’t feel as efficient in (although I’d still be considered at the top in our industry).

It’s because of this desire to do more and become more efficient, that we as a company started offering free services privately to existing clients. Whether we designed a new logo, created a graphic they could use for advertising, or even redeveloping their website at no additional cost. Now we’re shifting to the next stage which is to start proving to the public that we have the skill sets to help them by first providing a free service. Most of these services even cost me money out of my own pocket to offer, but I see it as a way to help businesses while every so often acquiring a new client or building a friendship. To me, helping people is a constant. I think about it throughout the entire day, how can I help more people efficiently without overwhelming myself. And it’s because of that need and my energy level that we’re able to offer these services in limited supply.

Does this mean we can provide everything we have to offer for free? Absolutely not, I might have a successful business but I still have paychecks, bills, software, etc to pay for so that wouldn’t work. But it does mean that we’re able to help a lot of new business get a head start and existing business present themselves as more legitimate without any upfront cost.

I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for Business Optimizer, especially as we can become even more philanthropic. If you’d like to learn more, you’re welcome to visit our promotions page from the top navigation. If a service is available, there’s nothing for you to lose.

Here’s to the future success of your business!

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