Why Is A Website So Important To Businesses?

by Justin Lewis

Many newcomer business owners or business owners who haven’t fully invested into their online presence don’t understand the value of a website. If that sounds like familiar then what I’m about to say is very important.

It’s very common for someone who has had experiences to assume that that’s just the way it is. But many time times business owners with websites that aren’t setup in a way to attract traffic and also convert that traffic into leads are extremely biased into thinking websites don’t work for their business model.

This thought process is can have a huge negative impact on the businesses potential.

So to better help you understand the importance of a website let’s look at a few reasons.

First, the website is the business to an potential client or customer.

This concept will sound odd at first but let me explain. A potential client or customer doesn’t know your business like you do. In fact, they know nothing other than what they are told or they can research on their own.

It’s easy to imagine that an outsider will just understand what you do, but that’s only because those thoughts are in YOUR head. You, as the business owner or employee, know what your business does, who you provide it to, and how people can get in touch with you. A potential client or customer, however, has no clue.

This leads into the next reason.

Your website is what everything online links to.

Let’s start by first assuming that you have a Facebook page, Instagram, and your business is listed in directories like Yelp.

The one primary place that all of these websites link to, along with every other social network or directory, is your website.

This, in turn, makes your website the absolute most important place on the internet for people to understand exactly who you are. Any potential prospect navigating any of these social networks or directories has the opportunity to research your business more in depth by clicking on the link to your website.

And all of this leads to what you should be expressing on your website.

Your website NEEDS the following to be successful.

Every business is different, however every business needs to make these important elements very clear on their company website.

  1. What does your company offer in services or products?
  2. Who does your company provide these services or products to?
  3. Can your visitors see examples of your work?
  4. Is there any proof that you’re a reputable business? Does your company have reviews/testimonials listed on the website?
  5. Does your website have a page dedicated to explaining why your visitors should work with you?
  6. If a potential client or customer wanted to work with, do you make it easy for them to contact you via the method they’re comfortable with?
  7. Is your website mobile, desktop, and tablet friendly?
  8. Lastly, does your website work in different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Brave, etc) and on different operating systems (PC or Mac)

If you’re missing any of these elements you need to contact your web developer, update your website, or contact a reputable company like ours, Business Optimizer, to set the website up properly for the search engines and conversions.

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