New Website Ranking Reports for Clients

New Website Ranking Reports for Clients

We have released new website ranking reports for all of our clients today! These reports allow our clients to get a visual of their website rankings for specific keywords.

It's important to note that keyword rankings change by the minute/hour. I would suggest that it's best to understand the average ranking vs. the ranking that is present at the time of viewing your reports.

These ranking reports will not show every single keyword that your website can/does rank for, but rather they help us get an understanding of your website's overall performance in the search engines. We choose specific keywords that help us get a broad AND exact view of how we can improve the rankings of your website.

As we progress with our clients websites the rankings typically improve over time, however, it's impossible for anyone to guarantee improved rankings. That's because the search engines are updating their algorithms on a daily basis and testing out different rankings metrics which causes rankings to go up and down sporadically.

We can tell you that from our experience that every client we have worked with on an ongoing basis has seen improved and consistent rankings.

Thanks so much to all of our clients that entrust us with their business and we look forward to continuing our journey in helping your businesses grow!

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