Website Questions

We specialize in working with service providers and tradesmen in the United States. When we onboard a client we simply send over a questionnaire and handle most of the development so you can focus on your craft. Let us take on the technical work so you don’t have to.

Yes! We can develop the website and hand it off to you to manage or we can maintain it for you.

We develop sites from the ground up to ensure that it is optimized properly. We do not make direct updates to current sites. We can, however, base the new website on your current website and keep the URL/domain name you have. This is more beneficial long-term and also more cost-effective for you.

Yes. All of our sites are made to be mobile-friendly as well as desktop, laptop and tablet friendly.

A typical website build takes 3-4 weeks. If your deadline needs to be sooner, that can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Optimization Questions

All of our websites are designed with the focus of making businesses more money. This is done by optimizing the website for the search engines to acquire traffic and having the structure setup to convert those visitors into leads. Whether your objective is to get people to call the business, email, fill out service request forms, visit a physical store, or book an appointment online we can help.

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving a websites presence (rankings) in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our goal is to get your business seen to better help you succeed!

Yes. We build our websites on WordPress because it is one of the most search engine friendly platforms. We study how the search engines rank websites on a daily basis and continue to improve our service as time progresses.

As we’re in development we keep the idea that the website is meant to acquire the business more leads in our heads through every step. The website will make it very straight forward for visitors to understand your objective, whether that be to get them to call you or fill out a service request. With this objective in mind the website is laid out in a way that pushes for that objective using conversion techniques that we’ve been studying with thousands of websites we’ve developed since 2010.

While we believe in a great website, we believe just as much in having a website rank well so that people can see it! When a website ranks highly in the search engines it will help your company get in front of more people which will in turn result in more leads/business for you.

Website Care & Maintenance

A majority of our customers choose to have us maintain the website after it’s launched. We can provide hosting, website care, and additional services to keep everything in order so you can focus on your business.

Once the website is launched we can provide you with all of the login details and material so you can update your own website. However, if you’d like we can provide services to make changes on your site at standard hourly rate.

We offer a variety of services outside of our packages to include marketing, consulting, more heavily involved SEO services.