How to Respond to Positive Reviews with Response Examples

If you are a local business and receive a positive review from a customer, you should be responding directly to the review via the review network where they shared it.

The reason you would respond to the review is so that other potential customers would get to know your personality and see how you respond to your customers.

In this post I’ll go over a few different positive review response examples, this way you have an idea of how to respond to your customers publicly.

Positive Review Response Examples

Before we get into the examples make sure to highlight the following:

  • Reference what the customer said in their review
  • Talk about how they were as a customer
  • Thank them publicly for being a customer

It’s really that simple, but to go deeper into it here are a few examples. These are actual customers of ours at Business Optimizer where we provide local web design & SEO services.

positive review response examples

positive review response examples

In the event a customer leaves a positive review about something that could potentially be seen as negative, be sure to respond in detail.

positive review response example

Reviews are one of the most important factors in the buying process for your customers, by seeing you respond positively it helps encourage customers to work with you.

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