New Updates to Our Portfolio

by Justin Lewis

We are making massive changes to our website on a daily basis, in fact nearly every page on the website will be finished with a redesign by the end of January.

One of the most important pages we’re updating is ourΒ new Portfolio pageΒ which is going to stand as a general portfolio to see our work AND a place to read over detailed case studies.

You’ll notice that some websites may look the same, that’s because when we first started Business Optimizer we originally developed 1 general template that converted highly for customers. Since then we’ve been making improvements and for any of those customers that have continued to work with us we are updating their websites regularly with new designs.

A wonderful thing about working with Business Optimizer is that we don’t just develop your website and forget about you. Instead, we reach out regularly to see if there are ways we can make improvements that you’d appreciate, while also taking steps to make our own suggestions to help your business.

When you get a chance, check out the new Portfolio page and, if you’d like, share some feedback on what you’d like to see.

Fun addition: We’ve also made it so our portfolio now syncs up with various parts of our website. When we update our portfolio, other pages dynamically change throughout.

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