Our New Optimizer Shortcodes Plugins

by Justin Lewis

We have officially launched our first ever public WordPress plugins! You can find them on WordPress.org or through the WordPress plugin directory on your website. They are individual plugins, however they combine into each other to build a larger version.

The concept is simple:

You can enter your phone number or email into a box inside the plugin which will then give you a shortcode you can use throughout the website. If you change your phone or email address, it will automatically update every single page, sidebar, header, widget, etc. throughout the website.

This is a small portion of what our in-house plugin called Optimizer Dash can do, however it’s a great start to releasing some of our private features to the public. We have a plan to release 15+ plugins over the next few weeks which will combine into one primary plugin called Optimizer Shortcodes. Before this though, we’re releasing the individual plugins to give people the ability to download the specific automation shortcodes they are wanting vs downloading a plugin that has features they don’t want.

This is a really exciting moment for us at Business Optimizer as we’re already getting multiple downloads/installs per day from the public.

Huge shoutout to Rajiv Lodhia as he has been able to build, package and release the plugins to WordPress.

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