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We Provide SEO Services to Los Angeles

The businesses that we partner with are made up of service providers and tradesmen from an assortment of industries. We want our partners to concentrate on their important work, while we focus on creating a seamless online customer experience.

Los Angeles is a massive city that is home to some of the most flourishing industries in the world. Business Optimizer is proud to be one of the foremost SEO service providers in the L.A. area. We serve the sandy towns of Long Beach and Santa Monica, as well as the distant city of Anaheim. In a city overflowing with people and businesses, Business Optimizer helps our partners cut through the noise.

Business Optimizer offers services that increase your website’s search engine rankings through established SEO strategies. We also offer design and digital marketing services that can help you to build a unique brand image that will stand out in Los Angeles.

Whether you are an ecommerce site looking to acquire new leads, a blog in search of original SEO content, or a business that needs a website overhaul, Business Optimizer is up to the task. We relish the opportunity to lead unique visitors to our valued partners so that we can help them to build successful businesses.

Los Angeles SEO Service at Its Best

Don’t settle for so-called “gurus” who claim to be able to boost your search engine rankings. Business Optimizer has a decade of experience in providing businesses with hard-earned SEO results. We offer a diverse list of services because we want to be able to cover all the bases. If there’s a method out there for improving your SEO, rest assured, we can provide it.

Ecommerce SEO

Over the years, the Business Optimizer team have become experts in ecommerce staples, such as Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce. We can improve the usability of your Los Angeles online shop and increase the dwell time of your unique visitors. The longer those leads browse your shop, the more likely they are to buy!

Franchise SEO

For franchise owners in Los Angeles, we offer SEO services specific to your needs. We understand the nuisance required to create a unique SEO strategy for local audiences, while also taking into account your broader brand image. Whether your goal is to develop new franchisees or to grow your customer base, our team of franchise SEO experts can help you. 

Local SEO

Business Optimizer offers a premium local SEO care plan that includes directory listings, backlink building, competitor analysis, and much more. We hone our focus on getting our partners ranked in the Los Angeles area so that we can bring them unique local traffic. Business Optimizer is also pleased to offer our clients Google My Business optimization services, which can be one of the most important tools at your disposal.

On-Page Optimization

Onpage optimization services can not only help you rise in SEO rankings, but they’ll also create a more efficient visitor experience that increases your conversion rates. The team at Business Optimizer is fluent in WordPress and Shopify. We can customize your Los Angeles website for structure, keyword optimization, and strong content that will guarantee a steady flow of web traffic.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competitors within a given industry is the first step to beating them in the cutthroat game of SEO. Business Optimizer will analyze your Los Angeles competitors to find the keywords that have brought them the best results, while also finding the keywords they haven’t thought of yet. Our in-depth competitive analysis will ensure that your website reaches a higher rank in the search engine results pages.

Rank Tracking

Business Optimizer uses complex analytical analysis to track your website’s current rankings and increase them. We use engagement metrics to continually improve your status in the SERP hierarchy. When you want to outshine your Los Angeles competitors and become the online standout in your industry, our rank tracking service will deliver.

Content Writing

Too often, businesses get lazy about their web pages and choose to put out duplicate content over creating original copy. At Business Optimizer, we know the power of quality content, and we know how prevalent it is within the search engine algorithms. Let us provide you with unmatched SEO content for your Los Angeles website.

Link Building

It is hugely beneficial for your Los Angeles business to build a vast network of quality links across the web. Link building can lead to higher-quality leads and give you a trusted domain that flies to the top of SERPs. Our SEO services include directory building and backlinks to make sure that your web page will never get left out of the relevant search queries.

Keyword Research

Keyword research has proven to be more of an art than a science. Business Optimizer has perfected the art of making the most out of SEO keywords. Using such strategies as long-tail keywords and latent semantic indexing, Business Optimizer can give your Los Angeles business the most bang for its buck.

Additional Digital Marketing Services

We offer the Los Angeles area a nearly endless list of SEO services that bring additional value to your online business. If you are looking to strengthen your brand, we offer web design, web maintenance, logo design, and graphic design. If you’d also like to get our strategic insights into growth options for your business, ask about our social media, marketing, advertising, or business consulting services.

Business Optimizer Offers the Best SEO Services in Los Angeles

Business Optimizer is a family-owned business. When you come aboard as a valued SEO client, you become a part of our family. We treat your business with the utmost seriousness, and we relish the opportunity to gain your trust. We are confident that our steadfast commitment and value-add services will blow you away.


At Business Optimizer, we take great care to understand your desires and objectives. We want the best for your Los Angeles business -- just like you do! Because of this, we make ourselves available to clients for communication throughout the week -- even on weekends!

A Dedicated Team

We have cultivated a team of dedicated professionals from all backgrounds. Our team consists of developers, marketers, and content creators that come together to form an SEO powerhouse. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent SEO services to our Los Angeles clients.

10+ Years of Experience

What started as a website development business for entrepreneurs quickly became an SEO provider for small businesses. We’ve been helping our Los Angeles clients to drive traffic to their online storefronts for over a decade. Business Optimizer has over 10 years under its belt and we feel like we’re just getting started!

A Strategic Approach

We customize unique SEO strategies for every one of our Los Angeles clients. We take industry, existing customer base, and the client’s objectives into account when we’re developing a plan. By creating a strategy that is specific to each client, we can be sure that we are fully addressing our clients’ needs.

No Contracts -- Cancel Anytime

At Business Optimizer, we don’t believe in contracts. We provide monthly SEO services for each of our Los Angeles clients. We want our partners to stick with us not because they are contractually bound, but because they’re thrilled with our work.


The only way to determine whether your Los Angeles SEO service is following through on their promises is to take a look at the results. At Business Optimizer, we let the results of our work speak for themselves. Watch as traffic, SERP rankings, and conversion rates go through the roof!

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