Restructuring Our Services With A Strategic Approach

by Justin Lewis

Over the last 7 years I’ve been working with businesses directly. These include companies in industries like construction, landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, solar, electrical, asphalt paving, and so on.

Throughout this time I’ve come to realize that what most of these businesses need is a website with a strategy built behind it, versus just a website that only looks good.

My focus has been to build out a service where we can develop websites that not only emphasize the basics like what a company does, who they provide those services to, and how to contact them. But also helps them acquire more business through conversion optimizationranking in the search engines, and showing up properly on all devices (among many other things).

I’ve been able to do this based off of data that I’ve collected while building over 3,000 websites since 2010 and I will continue to improve every aspect of our services as the world changes, especially in these difficult times.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients that have entrusted with their business throughout the years and we look forward to working with new clients as time goes on.

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