Why Use Social Media for a Small Business?

by Justin Lewis

Many of the business owners that I have worked with throughout the years are confused about what impact social media can have on their business. I’m here to clear that up with a few simple reasons that might help you or the company you work for turn that around.

Social media posts help potential customers know if a business is open

As the internet ages so does the amount of data and the quantity of outdated information. You wouldn’t believe how many businesses start up and then shut down within the first 5 years. In fact, there are many more businesses that have gone out of business than there are active today.

It’s because of this that many potential customers will seek out for a business that is active on social media (or even their blog) to ensure that the business will even be able to help them.

The more active you are on social media, the more they are reminded of you

Whether we are talking about potential or existing customers, the more active you are the more likely they are to remember you.

This is actually a pretty big deal because you’re likely going to miss out on business from someone just because they forgot your business existed.

Even someone you have done work for may be seeing a competitor of yours post more often and instead of thinking of you as their resource, they think of them. Take for example a landscaping company, one of their customers may have hired them initially to do a single project. A year later that customer may think to themselves, “I need help with X” but because you weren’t actively posting they forgot you could provide that service also. So instead of calling you they go to Google and look for someone who can.

Social media can play a big role in how your business succeeds in todays age, in many cases it could be what sets you apart as a vast majority of businesses don’t post regularly on social media. That’s not because it doesn’t work, it’s because they have either never tried OR they tried posting for a few weeks or months and gave up. Social media, just like business, takes consistency to turn into results.

All it takes is 5 minutes a day (or even week) to take a picture and post up something relevant to the picture on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you’re willing you could even record short videos on job sites, of your product/service or if you team discussing plans. Whatever it is, you have to start somewhere and as time progresses you’ll build up the skills to where social media may end up being the most impactful marketing channel in your arsenal.

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