Why We Started Building Demo Mockups

by Justin Lewis

Over the last 3 years we’ve been making improvements to our backend system for acquiring leads. One of the biggest strategies we’ve used to help a new business understand we have the skills to provide a great web development service is creating a demo mockup.

The demo mockups are straight forward and have all of the most important features a website needs to be successful online in todays age.Β They also give businesses the ability to tell us to move forward with a website that is similar to the demo mockup (because we know it works well for conversions) and saves everyone time in the development process. This is what allows us to offer our premium services at a competitive rate in the industry.

Now, as we move into our next stage of development we’re improving our backend even further to allow us to create multiple variations of mockups quickly without investing an excessive amount of time (which again helps us offers our services at the rates you see).

This next stage is a big step for us, it’ll allow us to change our headers, heading areas, the way services are listed, and footers on the demo mockups. Even further, we’re able to use the knowledge we gain by improving the demos on the websites that we develop for customers.

Lastly, we’re able to take this knowledge into the development of websites and offer our existing clients the ability to change the look of their website at no extra cost.

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